PJC Shul on the Beach

Shul on the Beach

Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz

Shabbos  Schedule

All Services are held at the Famous Shul on the Beach

 505 Ocean Front Walk (the Boardwalk) in Venice

March 31st - April 1st


Vayikra Shabbos Chodesh Nisan Dinner

6:55 PM   Mincha

7:15 pm  Kabbalat Shabbos / Ma'ariv
               followed by Shabbos Experience Dinner

                $36 reservation requested.

Reservations for Shabbos Chodesh Dinner and Sponsorship Opportunities click here


Saturday Morning  

8:30 am Meditation/prayer preparation on the beach in front of the shul

9:00 am Shachris

11:30 am D'var Torah with Rabbi Rubanowitz

12:15 pm Kiddush 

6:00 pm learning with the Rabbi

6:45 pm Micha/Shalosh Seudas/Maariv     

7:52 pm   Shabbos ends

Sunday Morning, March 19

8:00 am Shachris at 726 Rose Ave


Coming up:

Evening, April 10th

1st Night Seder at the Shul (contact office for details)

Weekday Shachris Services

held at  726 Rose Ave (just west of Lincoln Blvd. across from the Whole Foods)

  Sunday 8:00 am

  (sorry we don't yet cover the other days)

Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Monday Evening at 7:00pm at the shul on the beach, Parsha haShavua through the lens of the Zohar with Yosef Beit-Halachmi

Tuesday Evening 7:45pm Gamorah (men only) with Rabbi M. Blau or Rabbi Y. Apter

Wednesday Evening 7:30 pm T.O.W.N.
(Torah On Wednesday Night) with Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz, contemporary issues in Jewish Life.

Contact our office for more details.

Contact us:

Shul on the Beach:
505 Ocean Front Walk
Venice Beach

Office at:
         726 Rose Avenue
         Venice California 90291

          310 392 8749

 To reach Rabbi Rubanowitz:
            After Hours/Urgent: 323 877 2320

PJC - Pacific Jewish Center

Welcome to the Shul on the Beach!

We invite you to visit our historic Synagogue on the Venice Boardwalk.
Throughout the year, a vibrant community of all ages enjoys a wide range of educational, celebrative, and spiritual experiences. We welcome Jews of every background to join our “user friendly” traditional Orthodox services and celebrations.

All services are at the historic Shul on the Beach
505 Ocean Front Walk - Venice Beach
Located at a convenient walking distance from both
Santa Monica and Marina del Rey.

For questions, please call:
PJC Office at 310  392  8749


Who We Are

PJC, the Shul on the Beach, is a unique Torah community, located in the Venice/Santa Monica/Marina del Rey neighborhoods of Southern California.

Over the past three-plus decades, Pacific Jewish Center has grown into a community with a local core of approximately 50 families and friends, plus hundreds who attend our weekly programming. Membership includes families with children of all ages, elderly couples and singles, young singles and many visitors. Pacific Jewish Center is filled with a warmth and caring which is world reknown. PJC is known as well for its thirst for learning.

Come visit us and share a Shabbos on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Our Rabbi


Rabbi Shalom Rubanowitz is the Rabbi at PJC.

For his CV please see the "About Us" page.




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